On Eating the Sacred Nov 28,20

On Eating the Sacred Nov 28,20

Too often we are told what to eat and what not to eat. It is enough of a miracle that we have a choice, that we have so many choices, but who truly understands what a blessing it would have been to know exactly what to eat to have a healthy child. So many of us are frustrated day to day over what to eat for this or that malady (“I am too fat”, “I’m not big enough,” “I want to eat like a caveman,” “I need an ethical diet,” “I don’t want to take the time to eat so give me a powdered drink”, “ I only eat things that take a long time to order so everybody knows how special I am,”) You know how it is - eating is a function of our personal evolved-ness. But suppose you wanted to have a child. Suppose you wanted to have a child and were unable to have one - maybe its you, maybe its your spouse. Do you suppose it has something to with what you eat? Have you ever heard of “Sacred Foods”....?

I can only imagine the psychological trials that play out between a couple for want of a healthy child. I mean, this is the reason to get together for most couples, this is the reason to stay in a “good job.” I heard recently that nearly ⅓ of adults in America will encounter difficulty having healthy children, if they can get pregnant at all. A quick internet search (just now) yields grim news that 1 in 3 men and 1 in 10 women will have difficulty yielding their part of this sacred bargain. The anguish and blaming, the suspicion and the self-doubt could only put further strain on such a tenuous quest as to have a successful marriage in a day and age when I’ve half of Americans find a suitable fit in their first marriage. Is it the food they eat? Is it the thoughts they think? Is it the stress they carry around with them everyday trying to keep up with the rat race?

Soil in our American breadbasket is encountering a similar tragic trial; farmers have become ultimately dependent on the chemical they have strayed down on their precious little seeds for so long that the soil doesn't have any identity of its own anymore, no microbes to support the plants, not tropic layering of the activity required to support healthy plants. Instead, the seeds that are used result from a long series of trials in which the food that is produced doesn’t need all of that, it just has to look good enough for the shelves. We all know the story by now of how the food doesn’t retain the same strength and nutrition. We this is all leading to, and stemming from the depletion of the soil and the loss of vital mineral content. Those mineral; are washed out of the soil when topsoil is shed by wind and by runoff. The soil doesn’t retain the mineral profile when all of the mineral cycling done by other tropic layers of microbes, and fungi, and insects just don’t reside there anymore. Similarly, in our bodies, we function largely off the good fortune of our generational life force, oxygen and genetics that were the product of many iterations, engineered to endure. 

For many people, they are experiencing what is the result of several generations of poor nutrition. As was demonstrated by Weston A Price, with his associate Dr. Pottinger and his cats, not only does dental crowding indicate a weakened nutritional profile, but this also results over several generations of poor quality food in infertility. Without adequate nutrition, the human body simply cannot sustain the very difficult project of creating healthy sperm, or a fertile endometrium; the full scale nutrition required to produce a child is something that is the treasured wisdom of those who back in the day would have told us what to eat. Traditional wisdom of the ages rested with everybody in the tribe, and the keepers of those sacred rites would have known to look to those “Sacred Foods,” never to be taken for granted. Sacred nutritional wisdom reached for difficult to render foods which possessed the full nutritional profile that a couple needs when trying to create a new life, including rare minerals. Every ancient culture had stock answers to this challenge of creating new, healthy humans, from highly revered raw spring butter to eating liver and onions, sourdough, raw milk and soaked grains. Caviar originated from a humble requirement for salmon row, and the Stone Blood was sought the world over for just the same purpose.

Although our records on the matter, both oral and written, are left to the dust of history, Weston A Price took extensive pains to retain some record of several groups the world over as the Industrial Revolution threatened this ancient wisdom. Travelling the globe on literal foot paths (where new food trucks could not reach traditional groups), he recorded their dental and physical health, he investigated their diets, he spoke to elders about their most treasured foods, and he then compared them with groups who had industrial foods. Although many Sacred Foods entered the documents he created, this small bit of intuitive research is all mine. Call it conjecture, intuition. Call it inductive logic, but to me it just makes sense. The articles I have read, with titles like:                                                                                          “The spermatogenic and ovogenic effects of chronically administered Shilajit to rats” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16698205/                                          

“Profertility effects of Shilajit on cadmium-induced infertility in male mice”                                               https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29947420/                                       

   I am led to think for myself since so few Sacred Rites of the American Indigeonous people were understood before relations became untenuous. In other countries we are told of the miraculous healing abilities of this mineral pitch to aid the human body to combat even the most dismal of conditions from Alzheimer’s to cancer, and kidney stones to diabetes. The strength and fortitude this Sacred Food lends us is beyond comparison to anything else in the natural world. It is still one of the great secrets left for us all to discover on our own, incorporating otherwise sacred knowledge into this modern world as it is appropriate. For those couples struggling with the ambition to procreate, to have multiple healthy children, this sacred knowledge is something that must be gleaned from the wisdom of the ages. Mineral deficiency lies at the root of so many medical conditions, it is the problem with our food, it is the challenge within the soil. For those who are brave enough to encounter the earth on the earth's term, this logic is simple to understand. To eat the Sacred, is to engage all of the generational power of earth itself.