What Is Shilajit

What is shilajit

A better question is , “What is Stoneblood?”

Stone Blood is a forgotten marvel, a catalyst for the body and a mineral supplement that empowers the human body to utilize other herbal medicines, food, thoughts and prayers and all the rest of it more effectively than without. Stone Blood is aligned with all the traditional descriptions of shilajit, moomijo, salijeet, Mineral Pitch and the rest of the known descriptions of this “King of Herbs”, this “Destroyer of Weakness.” But Stoneblood Shilajit has one major attribute; It is found here on this continent. It is found on American Soil.

There are far too many stories about shilajit. There is mystery, and legend, and outright deception concerning the ability of Shilajit to treat and cure anything and everything. There are too many stories and misperceptions about Shilajit and its supposed ability to cure erectile dysfunction; it is confusedly referred to as a sexual enhancement supplement. It is too deeply intertwined with near miraculous claims of curing the perils of old age and the degenerative effects of poor nutrition. Shilajit is known throughout the ancient world by many names, and it has been extracted by the seat of near slavery, and by impoverished peoples. It has been combined with fillers and counterfeited, synthesized to pass the quality and purity tests, it has been freeze dried, or all dried out, and in various ways various efforts have attempted to bring it the respect and reverence it commands. Various stories and sources have been disrespected and misinterpreted in ways that make the whole project of defining and describing Shilajit less effective to empower the way we do herbal medicine these days.

Stone Blood is the real thing. It has an impact and purpose. It is a deep brown mineral pitch, sticky resin like all the rest and it is amazingly effective at fulfilling all the descriptions of the “Conqueror of Weakness,” and yet it may very well leave behind all the fantastical, mythical and derogatory interpretations. You can read the long long list of scientific documents by the National Institutes of Health, or the many other shilajit brands. You can imagine on your own the power of a food that contains all 85 of the minerals that our bodies require for optimal function and theorize on your own what that might imply for a species dependant on an agricultural system that has been categorically denied the soil fertility that is possible in healthy systems.

What is Shilajit you ask?

We can have a discussion of shilajit and the chemical nature of triterpines and we can explain Fulvic Acid in a conversation here: Fulvic Acid


But if you want to know, “what is stoneblood?” We are going to have to dive deep into the history of the earth and look for ancient ecosystems that have been folded into the crust of the Earth and swallowed whole, digested burned compressed and extruded through a long, long process of decomposition and refinement that extracts all but the primary mineral constituents at the core of our chemical nature. What is released back into the environment through the water cycle is the basis of healthy balanced ecosystems. Long processes of recycling the crust of the earth result in mineral rich deposits that are eroded and released back into the surface biosphere to nourish all of life on the surface. If you ask “What is Stoneblood?” you ask, “What is it to rely on our hostess, Mother Earth for all that we are, and all the we are to become?”